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In Spring 2014 two parallel exhibitions shone a light on our affinity with plants, fascination with gardens and abiding interest in the history and science of horticulture. Linked by an archive of Gardening journals in the botanic library, the two exhibitons were a collective response to articles, selected and distributed by metron collaborative, dating from 1840 to the present day.


In breaking of tulips:unwrapping books, new work by 28 artists was installed in the historic University of Oxford Botanic Garden, and could be viewed every day between March 20 and 25 May - creating surprise encounters in a very special setting - combining art and science, pleasure and knowledge amongst the plant collections grown for research, display and education.


Over two weekends, in April and May, art and design students from the CIty of Oxford College used a small East Oxford Gallery to create a lively riposte to the major ten week exhibition.

The site specific challenge of putting work in a Botanic Garden, a 'living museum' over a period of maximum growth and challenging weather conditions, was matched by the space constraints of a small experimental space a bus ride away, in another part of the city. hijacked was shown at Filament 14 in Magdalen Road Studios over a period of two weekends, giving aspiring young artists an early opportunity to show work in a public space.


Both artists and students rose to the occasion - and the scientific topics, which included The Apiary, Revelations of a Pocket Lens and Medicinal Herbs enabled artists, dancers, musicians and poets to highlight the continuing centrality of plants to the important and fundamental questions of how we conserve and provide for ourselves and sustain our planet.



Ayoush Lazikani. Alan Buckley, Mary Jean Chan, Claire Trevien, DanHolloway, Sarvat Hasin, Daisy Johnson, Michael Walsh,Phoebe Nicholson, April Pierce, Leo Mercer, Kira Milwood Hargrave ...


With thanks to:


Culture Fund, Oxford City Council

Filament 14, Magdalen Road Studios.

Magdalen College Oxfrord

Merton College, Oxford

Jocelyn Case

Nancy Drucker

County Insurance Services

John and Sue Hemmingway,">

Mr D Taylor, Creative Gardens

Sussex Artists' Club



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