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1. Elaine Le Corre

Title  "Coming up roses" (series)


Archive article - Tree Ferns  1891


E.le Corre

2. Kate Willis

Title  "Pine" by the black pine tree and the bench next to the wall


Archive article - The Country Seats and Gardens of Great Britain  1881

3. Felicity Shillingford

title  "Truncated Octahedron Cloches

- Folowing the Fibonacci scale"


Archive article - Galvanised Wire, Game netting (Agricultural Gazette) 1851

4. Nichola Nixon

title  "Resting Posts for Bees"


Archive article - The Apiary  1891

5. Emma Reynard

title "Entomology Studies through a Microscope"


Archive article - Entomology 1841


6. Tom de Freston

title  "On/Mycology" - an exploration

of my father's life as a gardener and death from prostate cancer


Archive article - Mycology 1861

7. Sally Howkins

title  "July Vegetables"


Archive article - July Vegetables 1921

8. Fiona Millward

title  "The Night Blooming Cactus (Cereus Grandiflorus)" Fleeting glimpses of a dancer prelude each hour


Archive article - The Night Blooming Cactus  1881

9 (&22). mel (Chris Stubbs, David Stent, Dom Lash)

title  "The Bolting Houses" - a publication produced collaboratvely by mel, who usually play music


Archive article(s) The Orchid Houses 1921, The Bolting of Cabbages 1901

10. Kate Hammersley

title  "Fallout"



Archive article  -  The Garden in Wartime  1941

11.Nia Walling

title  "Sunlight, spring water and Honeysuckle (Lonicera)


Archive article - Revelations of a Pocket Lens

kate web

12. Gabrielle Hoad

title  "Interloper" All organisms are monsters insofar as they are chimeras, made rfom pieces of other creatures


Archive article - Bud-graftin 1841

13. Laura Degenhardt

title "Plants Under Glass:


Archive article - KItchen Garden, Plants under Glass 1901

14. Tom Ralphs Laman

title  "Terroir"


Archive Article  "Medicinal Herbs 1941

15. Thomas Nicolaou

title  "the Flowers of Chaucer"


Archive article - The FLowers of Gower and Chaucer 1911

16 & (28). Marco Betti

title  "The Synthetic Garden"


Archive article(s) - Colour in the Vegetable Kingdom  1961

                              Pollination in Orchards  1920

17 & (19). Patricia Drew

title  "Shepherd's Delight; Gardeners Dilemma"


Archive article(s) - Old Weather Sayings  1951, Vitality  of Seeds of the ShShepherd's Purse

18. Annabel Ralphs

title  "gleanings" - Palmer's Leys, Harcourt Arboretum


Archive article - Seeds from the Botanic Gardens 1951

20. Martha Lewis

title "The Tale of Mr Knights Bird Trap"


Archive article - Mr Knight's Bird Trap

(20). Clair Chinnery

title  "The Human Nestbox: Generic HIghland Hybrid Host"


Archive article - appropriated

21 Ruth Millar

title  "earthen" - a conversation


Archive article - Improvement of Flower Pots 1841

23. Prue Robinson

title  "untitled" - a scientific investigation using indigenous dye plants and simple chemicals available to our ancestors


Archive article - British-Dye Plants  1900

24. Diane Jones-Parry

title  "seeking quillets"- landskap, nca156-west penwith


Archive article - Plant Hunting in the Sierra Nevada 1931

25. Susannah Canning

title "The materials of washing and the novels of Jane Austen" - the possesions of Botanical explorer Reginald Farrer


Archive article - Notes on So-called Moraine gardens

(25). Christine Surridge

title "On the eaves of the world"- searching for alpines!


Archive articles-  NOtes on So-called Moraine Gardens

26. Jim le Fevre

title  " The Breaking of Tulips"


Archive article - Breaking of Tulips

27. Karen Purple

title  "Great events oft from little causes spring"


Archive article - Notes on the Origin and Evolution of Our Rose Gardens

8.coming up roses by Elaine le Corre
Following the Fibonacci scale, Felicity Shillingford
3.On Mycology, Tom de Freston
sally Howkins
Martha MR Kbird trap
Generic Highland Host - nest montage compresed
quillet viola crop
Susie canning
7.Great events oft from little causes spring, Karen Purple
J.Le Fevre
mel (C.Stubbs,D.Stent,D.Lash)
tulips work.3 (171)1lr
tom b
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