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      Journal of Logic and Computation

        Volume 19 Number 3 June 2009




      Kate Willis

Kate W 03 2010









      Law, Probability and Risk

      Journal of reasoning under Uncertainty

       Editor in Chief Colin Atkin




     Sally Howkins



Fingerprint probability match: LR=p(EIS,i)



on the surface, an intelligible lie; underneath, the        intelligible truth


sally howkins 2




       Teachers Guide M14 Unit 7

       IMA Journal of Mathematical Control

       and Information

       Editors S Spirgeon, N Karcnias


       MEL:Dominic Lash,

      David Stent, Chris Stubbs




Error Dynamics.

Three solo performances derived from mathematical equations and performed simultaneously



 "I Didn't Realise How Important it all Was"

 I was 14 in 1987








     QJMAM The Quarterly Journal of

     Mechanics and Applied Mathematics




     Martha Lewis



An abridged, Illuminated, Proposed Second Editioon of QJMAM (Volume 62) Part 2 ( The quarterly Journal of Mechanics & Applied Mathematics).

Materials: watercolour and pencil on paper, 2010

martha lewis








     Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management

     and  Welfare

     Geoff Hosey [et al]




     Fiona Millward        



New environment urges adaptation creates unfamiliar patterns of responses










     The Principles of Quantum Mechanics 

     Fourth Edition

     P A M Dirac



     The Durds




Felicity Shillingford, Daniel Cray, Janet Griffiths,

Michael Parker,

The difference between big and small and near and faraway

the Durds
fiona milward









    Volcanoes Second Edition

     Peter Francis and Clive Oppenheimer





    Adam Dale





Adam Dale 2010

Plinian eruptions 05.18.80 - 12.08.80


Jim Le Fevre 2








      Physical Chemistry

      Peter Atkins





     Diane Jones-Parry

encountering the second law

(thinking) system, surroundings

and  a (Mark I & Mark II )Universe









     Science Works

     Philippa Gardom- Hulme (et al)


     1. Elaine Le Corre

     2. Ruth Millar

     3. Nia Walling

     4. Rebecca Willis


elaine le corre
ruth millar
nia walling
rebecca willis


1. Lab                                                                                  1,2


2.  Unfinished business


3.  Elements of Water                                                    

A material view of the metaphysical properties of water                            Materials: glass water, words and light                                3,4


4. Science Works?

An artist takes on the war between Science and Religion








     Oxford Primary Science Dictionary

     Compiled by Graham Peacock




     Prue Robinson


The Sum of the Parts

Materials: mixed media on canvas








     Basic Vision: An Introduction to VIsual


     Robert Snowden [et al]          



     Marco Betti







prue robinson 2
diane jones-parry
marco betti 2






     Mathematical Techniques

     D W Jordan and  P Smith





     Annabel Ralphs

Annabel Ralphs 2010








      Biostatistics Journal

      Volume 9 Number 4 2008





      Emma Reynard

emma reynard
Patricia Drew crop2010







     The Selfish Gene

      Richard Dawkins




      Kate Hammersley

kate hammersley






      Marine Ecology

      Michael J Kaser [et al]





      Nichola Nixon

Nichola Nixon







      GCSE Chemistry

      Andrew Hunt and Anna Grayson




      Joanna Gilmour

jo gilmour







      MA Journal of Mathematical

      Medicine and Biology

      Editors O Ejensen [et al]



      Alan Franklin

alan franklin


a diagram is not a proof?

approximation and exactness 


Maths Teachers x 4

Materials: print collage

I just....

Materials: silverpoint, gouache, Japanese paper 

Making sense of Marine Ecology

Materials: printed ephemera. pen, plastic laminate

Elemental Alchemy



Based on African Nkonde Nkisi fetish sculpture






      Science to 14

      Stephen Pople




     Jim Le Fevre
















      Teachers Guide M14 Unit 2

      IMA Journal: Teaching Mathematics

      and its Applications

      Editors Williams and Lawson


     Patricia Drew









      Reading the Story of DNA

      A beginners guide to molecular evolution

      Lindell Bramham




      Tom Ralphs-Laman


A visible calculation and the lost Ishihara plate

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

Audio Sequencing

Barcode (Media:handhooked rug)

Barcode music interpretation (Media: handpunched

music box)

identity, pattern, code, wool rug, textile, sound, change, play

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